Medical/Biomedical/Bioengineering Research

Many of us automatically think of scientists in laboratories with white lab coats when we think of scientific research.

However, with advent of many technological developments, particularly computerized research methods, many scientific and medical research involves and utilizes algorithms to analyze and stress the enormous amount of data we have been able to empirically collect and continue to collect out in the real world. While Choice Research conducts traditional researches, we are well respected and known for our expertise in using algorithms in medical, dental, and other scientific fields. Choice Research has served and continues to serve as a judge or presenter in many of the local and national/regional science competitions and conferences. In addition to working with Choice Research students to prepare and submit their research projects to local, regional, and national competitions, Choice Research has also guided Choice Research student researchers to publish their research papers and to present them at relevant symposiums and conferences.

We will work with each student to prepare an Independent Research for Publication, presentation at a Symposium, or a submission to competitions at some of the following venues:

•Olympiad /JSHS, Etc.
•Medical / Biomedical/BioEngineering Publications
•Medical Symposium
•National and/or Regional Competitions
Our mentors will work closely with individual students to do the following:
•Assessment of Student's Interest and Capabilities
•Selection of Research Topic
•Identification of Target Publication, Symposium, and/or Competition
•Conduct Research (includes substantive and relevant academic knowledge review and tutoring)
•Preparation of Research Presentation/Submission to target venue
•Presentation Practices and Guidance
•Attendance and Participation at Conference, Symposium, or Competition
Below are some Research areas that our team have expertise in:
  • Biofluid Dynamics in Cardiovascular System
  • Bone Stress Analysis
  • DNA Array Analysis
  • Biophysics
  • Biochemistry
  • Analysis of Cardiovascular System Using Computational Numerical Method
  • Biofluid Dynamics in Cardiovascular System
  • Numerical Analysis of Newtonian Blood Flow in the Arteriole
  • Pressure Analysis of the Blood Flow in the Arteriole
  • Blood Flow in the Arteriole
  • Detailed coverage of bio engineering theories and their practical application to biological functions :
    • Presents an bioengineering analysis of the cardiovascular system relevant to the pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
    • Specifically designed for biomedical engineering professionals and students, it looks at the important area of biofluidics from an engineering perspective rather than a clinical one
    • Explains the functional anatomy and physiology of the human heart
    • Examines the pressure-flow relationship in arteries and the elastic properties of arterial walls
    • Treats the application of imaging techniques on left ventricular dynamics
    • Presents theoretical and experimental studies of pulsatile flow in large vessels

    Biofluid Mechanics in Cardiovascular Systems
    * Introduction and review of basic fluids concepts * Cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology * Hematology * Structure and physiology of blood vessels * Heart mechanics * Heart valve mechanics * Pulsatile flow in large arteries * Flow and pressure measurement * Dimensional analysis and modeling

Dental / Pharmaceutical Research
  • Resonance Frequency Analysis of One Stage Dental Implants
  • Stress Analysis of Dental Implant and Its Mode Shapes
  • Influence of eccentric Loading on Fatigue and Dynamic Characteristics of Implants
  • Dental Material Analysis
  • Oral Health Conditions
  • Gingivitis and Plaque
  • Oscillating-Rotating Electric Toothbrush Technology